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« Intra-entreprise» group courses allow you to offer language training to company employees either in-company (to interfere with working hours as little as possible), at F9 or web conferecing courses.

What do we offer?

Small group classes (maximum 6 participants) targeting similar professional needs where the participants have similar language levels.

All our courses are designed to meet your specific requirements.

You can also choose a ‘conversation table’ type of format.


When can the classes take place?

You may vary the timing of the lessons to suit your schedule.

The classes can be held between Monday and Friday between 8am and 9pm (with the possibility of Saturday mornings at F9, at teacher’s discretion).


Who are these lessons for?

Offered to managers and general staff (beginner to advanced), these courses are an investment in the future, guaranteeing concrete results at competitive rates.

What is the teaching method?

The first step is to determine the initial language level of the participants to ensure that no-one is either too strong or too weak for the group: to this end we offer written and oral, tests either in-company or at F9.

Our teaching method is primarily based on strong interaction, thus encouraging participants to communicate and express themselves from the very start.

Teaching material are selected from a variety of sources specifically designed to meet the particular needs of the students.