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You need a language certificate in French? Thankfully, the F9 languages is here for you! We offer the possibility to obtain (acquire) a level certificate based on the 4 language skills and in accordance with the CEFR framework (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) for 53€!

These tests are divided in 4 parts, one for each skill (written expression, written comprehension, listening comprehension and oral expression)

How to register?

To register, nothing could be easier: make a bank transfer of 53€, to the F9 bank account – BE57 0682 2645 7035 (BIC : GKCCBEBB) – with the following wording (communication) “ NAME first name + FRENCH+ level required”


Once the bank transfer is done, send us the proof of payment by email to  A member of staff will confirm your registration by transferring you:

  • The details of your exam and the conditions (instructions) of participation
  • An invoice (upon request)

*!!! Warning! Without the email contact, your registration will not be taken into account!!! NO REFUNDs POSSIBLE


What’s next?

Once you exam is done, you will receive your level certificate within 3 working days.

The organization reserves the right not to provide a certificate if cheating is suspected. However, it is possible to participate to a second face-to-face session, but this one will be charged for.




Besoin d’un certificat de langue en français ? Heureusement, la F9languages est là pour vous! Nous proposons la possibilité d’obtenir un certificat de niveau basé sur les 4 compétences et en accord avec le cadre CECR pour un prix de 53€ !

Ces tests sont organisés en 4 parties, une pour chacune des compétences (expression écrite, compréhension écrite, compréhension à l’audition et expression orale)

Comment s’inscrire?

Pour s’inscrire, rien de plus simple : effectuez un virement d’un montant de 53€ sur le compte bancaire de la F9 – BE57 0682 2645 7035 (BIC : GKCCBEBB) – avec comme communication libre « NOM Prénom + FRANCAIS + niveau requis »


Une fois le virement effectué, envoyez-nous la preuve de paiement par emailà Un collaborateur confirmera alors votre inscription en vous transférant : 

  • les détails de votre examen et les modalités de participation.
  • une facture (sur requête)

*!!! Attention! Sans contact par email, votre inscription ne sera pas prise en compte !!!

Et ensuite ?

Une fois votre examen terminé, vous recevrez un certificat de niveau dans les 3 jours ouvrables.

L’ASBL se réserve le droit de ne pas fournir un certificat en cas de suspicion de tricherie. Il est possible de participer à une deuxième session en présentiel mais celle-ci vous sera facturée.

Private courses

Knowing a second language unlocks a whole new world!

What do we offer ?

We offer 3 types of custom-made private courses.

  • « À la carte »: you choose the number of hours and schedule that suits you best.
  • « Plan 20/30/50» : We now provide the opportunity to take intensive classes, ranging from 20h/2 week up to 50h/2 week, with reductions applying according to the amount of hours taken. 
  • « Other courses »: private training for students
  • Level tests




The schedule is flexible and variable depending on your needs.

The course can take place anytime Monday to Friday between 8am and 9pm (with the possibility of Saturday mornings at F9, at teacher’s discretion).

How much?

  • À la carte : 53€/hour (discount possible depending on number of hours taken).
  • Pégase : 1590€
  • Video conferencing courses : customized schedule : 42€/hour

The initial test and needs analysis, teaching plan, teaching material, and the final report are all included in the price.


Who for?

For everyone, no matter what their level or objective (private, professional, job-hunting, exam preparation, etc.)

Teaching method ?

Interactive : everything is designed to let you express yourself and communicate. From the start, you are your own best motivator.

You decide on the contents of the lessons with your teacher, so you will get a course that is tailored to your level and your needs.

How to enroll ?

Contact us at 02/627 52 52 or via