Teaching Method

A variety of interactive teaching methods are combined to meet each individual need.

Motivating the learner to make sustainable progress is paramount.

 Different methods are selected for each level from absolute beginner right up to advanced user.

F9 employs a dynamic approach to language learning based on communication in real-life situations.

The contents (outlined in a course plan) are always decided with the participants depending on their starting level, objectives and interests.

Each course is tailor-made.

Our 7-stage approach:

  • Defining the needs, budget and objectives at an initial meeting
  • Outline of teaching program and financial offer
  • Oral and/or written test
  • Selection of the most appropriate teacher
  • Establishment of the course plan at the first lesson
  • Mid-course feedback report from each participant
  • Final feedback report from each participant and individual pedagogical report on each participant by the teacher