Online Language Level Certificates

Do you need a language level certificate for a new job, new school or your master degree? F9 languages can help you ! We offer exams in English, French, Dutch, German*, Spanish, Portuguese* and Italian*. Our exams cover the four skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) and (follow) the CECRL system.


Non ULB students : 

  • Standard price 55€ 
  • 45€ for IHECS under certain conditions.

For ULB students : 

  • 42€ for English, French and Spanish
  • 49€ for German* and Portuguese
  • 55€ For Dutch and Italian*

*For these languages you need to contact us at least 2 weeks prior the exam date you wish to book. The exam for these languages are upon request.

Dates of the exams :

For the monthly dates of the exams please follow this link.


To register for the exam you have to transfer money to the following account: F9 – BE57 0682 2645 7035 (BIC: GKCCBEBB) – with the following description: « SURNAME name +telephone number + language + level + wished date for the exam«  

EXAMPLE: « DUPONT Jean +04xx xxxx xx + French + B2 + 21/05/21 »

Once the payment has been made send proof of the payment (could be a screenshot) to
We will then confirm de registration and reply with the following information: 

  • All the information needed to take the test succesfully (everything will be online).
  • If you ask/wish we can send you an invoice.

*!!! Please note that if you don’t send an email it won’t be confirmed !!!

If you are a ULB or IHECS member, please also send a certificate of your registration in the establishment to benefit from the preferential rate.

The registration closes 3 days before the exam!


Once you finish your exam, you will get your level certificate within 3 business days.

ASBL F9 won’t deliver a certificate if there is any suspicion of fraud. It is possible to take the test a second time but you will be charged again.

This certificate will tell you if you have validated a level according to the CEFR scale. The results of the certificate do not include a detailed assessment nor will there be a review or consultation of the test or a copy.

Want to prepare for the exam ?

We offer mock exams to practice English, French, Spanish and Dutch . To get access to these tests, please transfer  20€ to BE57 0682 2645 7035 (BIC : GKCCBEBB) – with the following description: «SURNAME First name + Blanco exam + language of the exam  »
(example : « DUPONT Jean +blanco exam + English »), afterwards you will have to send an email to with the proof of the payment.

Available tests: English (A2->C1), Spanish (B1->B2) , Dutch (A2->B2), French (A2->B2)

Would you like even more excersises ? NEW (Dutch/Spanish/English/French)

We offer extra improvement modules (reading and listening comprehension) (only B2 for Spanish!) To get access, please transfer €25 (in addition to the mock exam package of €20) to BE57 0682 2645 7035 (BIC: GKCCBEBB) – with the following description “SURNAME First name + Exercise modules + language (eg: “DUPONT Jean + Exercise modules + Dutch”), then send us proof of the payment by email to .

If you have more questions you can contact us by email: or call us: 02 627 52 52. (Monday-Friday 9h-17h)