Languages can often be an essential ally in the success and growth of your business.

What do we offer ?

Private courses designed specifically to meet the particular needs of the individual learner.

The classes may be given either ‘in-company’ or at F9.

Whether you are preparing for a specific project, presentation, lecture, negotiation or even a relocation, our teachers will help you prepare by adapting your training to your specific sector with the specific vocabulary you will need.

We offer 3 types of training:

  • « À la carte » : the schedule and number of hours are totally flexible.
  • « Plan 20/30/50» : We now provide the opportunity to take intensive classes, ranging from 20h/2 week up to 50h/2 week, with reductions applying according to the amount of hours taken. 
  • « Online » : Zoom and Skype, the schedule and number of hours are totally flexible.


What is the schedule ?

The schedule is flexible, and can vary to suit your schedule.

Lessons can take place anytime from Monday to Friday between 8am and 9pm (with the possibility of Saturday mornings at F9, at teacher’s discretion).


Who for?

For anyone who wants to progess at their own pace.

ALSO – if a colleague wishes to take the same course as you or you feel you would be more motivated working in tandem, then why not take the lessons together, providing you both have more or less the same level and objectives!


What is our teaching method?

Our teaching method is primarily based on strong interaction, thus encouraging participants to communicate and express themselves from the very start.

The actual content of the course will decided by you and your teacher at the outset and will develop naturally as you progress.


How much will it cost?

Contact us by email at for a quote.